Add thumbnail Image to OurJS blog engine

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Here is the way to add custom thumbnail image to ourjs open source blog engine. As showed below, we currently using text to display category. It's also a link which link to its category.

Install NodeJS NPM and OurJS under Debian (Amazon EC2 free tier)

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Here is the procedure to install nodejs, npm and ourjs on Debian.

1) Choose Amazon free tier EC2 instance

My choice is debian-squeeze-amd64-pvm-2014-07-21-ebs,

Type t1.micro
Memory (GiB) 0.613

Add an administrator user

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There is no default administrator account by default。

There is a default user "guest",password is "123456"

Here is the way to create an administrator user account.


After install you'd better change the CRYPTOKEY in ourjs/config.magazine.js first, this key is used for encrypt the password。Once you change the CRYPTOKEY, you can't log in with "guest" any more.