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Free Blog, Forum, Website Platform and CMS
based on Node.JS (Beta)

Install OurJS

Simple, Full-Stack

Front-end and back-end using the same programming language JavaScript.

NoDB, No Configuration

Not only database: data stored in JSON files also support mongodb etc.

High Performance

All the data stored in the cache layer(memory), you can access the data with zero-time delay.


10 seconds Install

You need install node.js (npm) first then running shell:

npm install ourjs && cp -r node_modules/ourjs ./ourjs && chmod 755 ./ourjs/ && ./ourjs/

Note: If you are a windows user, please install mysysgit and running it in "Git Bash" (right click menu).

Trying at http://localhost:8054 (refresh twice to establish the cache)

Add thumbnail Image to OurJS blog engine

Support by newghost 1408952525901
Here is the way to add custom thumbnail image to ourjs open source blog engine. As showed below, we currently using text to display category. It's also a link which link to its category.

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